The Achieving for Delta team has a bold vision for Delta. Over the next six weeks leading up to Election Day, we will roll out our comprehensive platform. On October 15th, vote for George Harvie’s entire Achieving for Delta team to ensure these critical investments are made for Delta.

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Investing in a healthy and active Delta

“We believe Delta’s young athletes – and all residents – deserve to practice and play on world-class facilities.”

– Mayor George Harvie

If elected, the Achieving for Delta council and school trustee teams are committed to implementing our Parks Capital Plan, which includes:

  • Rebuilding the Winskill Aquatic Centre
  • Resurfacing the tracks at Seaquam Secondary School and Delta Secondary School
  • Installing a second synthetic turf field at Mackie Park
  • Putting a cover over the outdoor pool at the North Delta Recreation Centre
  • Advancing the Cromie Park Master Plan, including the new indoor training facility in partnership with Ladner Minor Baseball Association

In addition, the Achieving for Delta team will implement Delta’s Cycling Master Plan, invest in pedestrian connections, and build additional fenced dog parks in local neighbourhoods across Delta.




“Healthy students are better learners.”

– Dr. Ammen Dhillon, Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate, research scientist and registered clinical counsellor

The Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate team is committed to partnering with Mayor and Council and community partners to advocate for increased child, youth and family physical and mental health supports.

The Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate team will pursue a comprehensive school health strategy which includes:

  • Policies and funding for teaching and learning strategies that place physical health and mental health at the centre of relationships with students
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle choices and promotion of health and wellbeing including social-emotional development
  • Increasing physical activity of students and increasing family engagement in student physical activity for students of all ages
  • Increasing physical and mental health literacy so students, teachers and their families can talk about their health and wellness

We also pledge to continue and enhance the Delta School District’s community leadership role through family engagement initiatives, such as the resoundingly successful online and in-person educational evening sessions with expert speakers on topics that support physical and mental health of our children.

Keeping Delta safe

Delta continues to be recognized as one of the safest communities in Canada. We have a plan to keep it that way.

The Achieving for Delta team’s Public Safety Plan includes:

  • Protecting the independence of the Delta Police Department. We do not support calls for a regional police force, which would take needed resources out of Delta, jeopardizing our “No Call Too Small” model.
  • Investing in safe roads, cycling and pedestrian connections. Safe communities start with safe roads. We commit to delivering more investments in sidewalks, crosswalks, street lighting upgrades, and protected bike lanes.
  • Keeping the Delta Police School Liaison Program in place. While other school districts have removed their police department from local schools, we are committed to maintaining this vital program, which helps to identify vulnerable students and deploy early anti-gang interventions.
  • Advocating for mental health and addictions resources. We will continue to fund counselling services in Delta for vulnerable residents as well as services designed specifically to support children and youth at risk.
  • In addition, the Achieving for Delta team will implement Delta’s Cycling Master Plan, invest in pedestrian connections, and build additional fenced dog parks in local neighbourhoods across Delta.

Last spring, Mayor Harvie received an endorsement from Delta Firefighters Local 1763, in recognition of his long history of support for Delta’s first responders.




“Keeping students safe is about creating inclusive environments and strong support networks to enable students to make positive and safe life choices.”

– incumbent Delta School Trustee Erica Beard

The Achieving for Delta School Trustee candidates are committing to a plan to keep students safe in schools and in the community, especially those who are most vulnerable:

  • Creating inclusive and supportive learning environments. Leading with policies and education that embrace diversity, inclusion, and compassion to meet the needs of all learners.
  • Keeping the Delta Police School Liaison Program (SLP) in place. The Delta Police SLP is unique in its approach as liaison officers work on the cues of educators and deliver critical early anti-gang intervention and education about safety.
  • Partnering to support vulnerable youth and their families. Providing proactive assistance for youth and families to access community-based supports and services.
  • Partnering to deliver safe infrastructure and facilities. Working with Mayor and Council to enable safe roads, active transportation infrastructure and joint use of facilities.

On October 15, vote for Mayor George Harvie and the entire Achieving for Delta team to Keep Delta Safe.

Delivering high-value investments while keeping taxes low

“We’re fortunate in Delta that when the pandemic hit in 2020, we had George Harvie’s steady hand at the wheel to guide the City’s finances through the most uncertain period in the City’s history.”

– Delta Notary and Council candidate Daniel Boisvert.

Delta residents pay among the lowest taxes in the Lower Mainland while accessing high quality services and infrastructure. This is thanks to decades of responsible financial planning led by George Harvie as City Manager and for the last four years as Mayor.

With rising costs mounting from regional taxes and inflation, Delta families are keeping less of their hard-earned money. The Achieving for Delta team is committed to continuing our record of fiscal responsibility by running on a Fiscal Plan to inform spending priorities:

  • Keeping taxes low. We are committed to keeping Delta’s property taxes among the lowest in Metro Vancouver. We will stick to a four-year plan that considers what we can afford, seeks out efficiencies, and leverages money from other sources, such as grants, to keep taxes low.
  • Prioritizing safety. Ensuring Delta tax dollars continue to support what matters most: services that enable a safer Delta where “no call is too small.”
  • Investing in better roads, critical social services and emergency preparedness. Working in partnership with other governments, the Delta School Board and the private sector to share costs and deliver mutually beneficial projects for a more resilient Delta and region.
  • Growing the local economy and positioning Delta as an innovation hub. Continuing to support local businesses while positioning our community as the top place to innovate, attracting entrepreneurs, start-ups and investment in quality projects through a fast, reliable and transparent permitting process.




“Delta needs School Trustees who understand that there is only one taxpayer and our job is to be efficient with every dollar on their behalf.”
– Chartered Director and School Trustee candidate Maury Kask

“With regional taxes and inflation rising, the highest value for the Delta taxpayer comes when the School Board works with Mayor, Council and community partners on shared priorities to maximize efficient use of tax dollars to deliver for our students.”

The Achieving for Delta School Trustee candidates pledge to govern with fiscal prudence and partner to put Delta students first:

  • Strong governance, financial oversight and stewardship of resources. The Achieving for Delta School Trustee candidates are qualified to lead financial oversight of District resources and long-range planning to maximize efficient use of tax dollars and ensure every dollar is responsibly invested to support Delta students, their teachers and the learning environment.
  • Partnering to put students first. Working with Mayor and Council and community partners to share costs on mutually beneficial projects and initiatives and advocate to all levels of government to ensure the most efficient use of tax dollars to deliver high-value investments and to ensure Delta students and families receive the supports they need.
  • Investing in innovative, engaging and enriched learning environments. Directing the efficient and responsible use of funds and resources gained from collaborative governance to maintain Delta School District’s reputation of quality teaching and leadership and provide enriched learning environments and programs, including:
  • Creating future-ready and educated citizens with programs and curriculum that inspire critical thinking, creativity, integrity, collaboration, and empathy
  • Providing innovating learning opportunities including enhancing access to high quality fine arts, athletics and outdoor learning programs
  • Ensuring strong foundations in numeracy and literacy, employing the best practices in assessment to ensure students are continually progressing
  • Ensuring that Indigenous content is a part of the learning journey for all students by incorporating Indigenous perspectives, knowledge and expertise at all levels
Working to keep generations together in Delta

Delta was ranked by Maclean’s Magazine in 2021 as the best community in Metro Vancouver. The Achieving for Delta team has a plan to keep it that way.

“To ensure that we have a sustainable community moving forward, we need to continue to attract people to Delta from all ages and income brackets,”

– Councillor Dylan Kruger

“To urgently address the growing housing crisis being felt across the region, it has never been more important to elect a mayor and council who understand the importance of reducing red tape around permitting and working collaboratively with below-market housing agencies and the private sector to get housing options built for our families, seniors, and Delta’s most vulnerable.”

Only Mayor George Harvie and the Achieving for Delta team have the experience and record on housing to deliver on these solutions to keep generations together and thriving in Delta. Our Livability Plan includes:

  • Increasing housing options for young families, seniors, and Delta’s most vulnerable. Fighting for additional housing options, including smart density in Delta’s town centres; below-market rental for those who need it most; missing middle housing options including coach houses and duplexes; and rental suites.
  • Supporting adults with varying abilities. Over 5000 adults in BC with intellectual disabilities are looking for homes to own. Close to 500 of these individuals live in Delta. We will work with local groups such as the Delta Housing Be Mine Society to identify and support additional and inclusive housing options for adults with varying abilities.
  • Increasing daycare space in Delta. Fighting for urgently needed childcare spaces in Delta by working with operators to invest in existing commercial facilities that can be easily converted into new childcare centres and reducing red tape for new operators looking to invest in our community.
  • Supporting our seniors. Continuing to invest in our seniors’ programs and mobility to keep our parents and grandparents thriving, such as our expanded free seniors’ bus program, annual funding for Deltassist, and free admission passes to all Delta Parks, Recreation and Culture facilities.
  • Modernizing our communities. We will continue to advance projects that revitalize our community hubs and support our local businesses, like our pop-up parks, expanded restaurant patios, the “Responsible Drinking in Delta Parks” initiative, and our summer concert series.
    Building a fair and inclusive community

    Mayor George Harvie’s Achieving for Delta team has committed to leading with equity, diversity and inclusion to ensure that Delta is a community where everyone feels welcome and celebrated.

    “We need a Council that not only listens to the people but is reflective of the people that it represents,” said Council candidate Jennifer Johal. “It’s time to finally elect councillors that reflect that diversity of our community.”

    Since 2018, Mayor George Harvie and the Achieving for Delta team have taken action to build a fair and inclusive Delta by undertaking initiatives that have led to positive change.

    Mayor George Harvie established Delta’s first task force on diversity, inclusion and anti-racism, designed to review Delta’s policies and facilitate collaboration between Council and members of the community to find meaningful and tangible ways to take action and affect change.

    There is still more to achieve to ensure that all residents across Delta are treated fairly and equally. A vote for Mayor George Harvie and the Achieving for Delta team is a vote to ensure that no matter your identity, who you love, your income level, or where you worship, there is a home for you here in Delta. To achieve this, the Achieving for Delta team will continue to prioritize:

    • Building an inclusive Delta for everyone. We are committed to continuing to champion initiatives that make Delta a welcoming place for everyone. Visible reminders of diversity within a community are important to support the development of a welcoming and inclusive city. Mayor George Harvie and Achieving for Delta championed the raising for the Pride flag each June during Pride Month for the first time in Delta’s history and endorsed grant requests to local community groups supporting LGBTQ+ residents.
    • Working together towards meaningful reconciliation. We are committed to continuing to nurture strong relationships with First Nations neighbours through partnerships and joint initiatives. We will continue to engage with Indigenous leaders, peoples and communities to work towards meaningful reconciliation.
    • Cultural recognition and celebration. We will continue to champion initiatives that support and promote diversity and anti-racism, including implementing the #DifferentTogether pledge, recognizing cultural events, installations and promoting awareness of various organizations, special days and causes, and providing financial support to local non-profit organizations that work on diversity issues in our community.
    • Achieving a more accessible Delta. We established Delta’s first Mobility and Accessibility Committee to provide council advice on improving existing infrastructure to enhance access and mobility and the creation of programs to meet the needs of people with disabilities. We will continue to make upgrades to our facilities and community infrastructure to make Delta more accessible to people of all abilities.

    As part of its inclusivity platform, the Achieving for Delta team is also committed to supporting local non-profit organizations that help Delta’s most vulnerable residents.

    “This year, I put forward a motion to work with community partners to deploy an emergency food bank in North Delta,” said Mayor George Harvie. “Our community groups must not be left to meet this need alone. We are committed to getting this done to ensure that no child is going to school hungry.”

    Taking real action on climate change and protecting our farmland

    Stay tuned for upcoming announcements.